VRE surveillance‏

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Duration of Precaution

No clinical signs of VRE infection PLUS

3 cultures from the rectum and any other colonized or infected site (taken one week apart) and are negative for VRE

Duration of resistant organism flag

Flag will remain on while patient is colonized/infected with VRE. If patient remains culture negative at all previously colonized/infected sites for one year, the flag will be removed.


Antibiotic control policy

restriction of vancomycin and third generation cephalosporin

All cases at 7NW must consult ID fellow/staff for approval case by case


Information and education

For HCWs

-meeting with residents and staff at other departments

-use hospital computer screensaver to update the VRE outbreak and emphasize on compliance

For patients and their families

-VRE fact sheet

-restrict visiting time and number of visitors

-visitors must comply with contact isolation


Active surveillance culture

-Inclusion: All contact cases at 7NW

sites- perianal + infected site

frequency- every 3 days

-stop surveillance

colonized/infected patients: after 3 negative culture and approve by ID staff

contact cases: after 3 negative culture


Penprapa Lawan

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